As previosly reported, WWE have released a number of producers, announcers and in ring talent.

The news came on Wednesday after it was announced that members of the WWE team would be put in furlough and others would be unfortunately let go from the company. Now Heath Slater has taken to social media to discuss his release.

Here is the full video and quote:

“The outpouring of love from the locker room, corperate staff, and the WWE universe has been extremely, extremely overwhelming man. I’m seeing now that it’s like sometimes your accomplishments aren’t always about what you know you do in the ring but it’s what you do behind the scenes for people around you. I had no idea how much love I had until yesterday and that’s the hardest part of letting go of this chapter of my life.I just wanna say thank you to the WWE family. Everyone in between this, everything, all of it. It wouldn’t work without everyone behind the scenes and us as the performers and the light and cameramen, like just the truck drivers like I mean it’s just one of those things where like a lot goes into it. I also want to say thank you because you gave me 14 years and now, come July 17th, I can spread my wings and fly a little bit and I feel fire again that I didn’t have for a little while. I feel, you know, ready to get in shape legit and I dunno I feel hungry again. Like very hungry and I haven’t felt that in a long time so I’m just no bullsh*t, get ready for the encore because I’m gonna come back better than I ever was and that’s a fact. But for now, gotta go people. I love you, always will. I gotta go and figure out how in the hell I’m gonna feed all these damn kids.”

Slater had been with WWE since December 2006 and debuted on the original NXT in 2010. He then was a member of the Nexus and had multiple tag team championship reigns with various partners.

When we think of these Superstars who have been let go we automatically wonder where they will go next but the last line in Slaters video hits hard. We know the line “I got kids” was part of his gimmick but like any of us who lose our jobs, the main priority is what can we do to make sure our families are fed and safe.

We wish him all the best in the future.