Hell in a Cell is celebrating it’s 11th year as a WWE PPV this year. WWE has gone with a bold strategy of only announcing 4 matches ahead of the event leaving most of the card up to speculation. We think this may be due to the fact the brand split is happening again in the next few weeks and they have no idea where a lot of wrestlers and championships may end up. Either that or they’re just being lazy again. Last years Hell in a Cell matches saw Randy Orton defeat Jeff Hardy (after the ref tried to call off the match) and Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman end in a no contest after Brock Lesnar interfered (again its Hell in a Cell, it can’t end that way). Here are our predictions and odds for the current matches announced as well as what matches we think may take place.


Smackdown Women’s Championship Bayley vs Charlotte Flair

This has been the last match as of writing to be announced for the PPV and it seems as though Bayley has had Charlottes number since teaming with Sasha Banks. Since Charlotte had the upper hand on Smackdown we can see Bayley beating Charlotte again, possibly with interference from Sasha Banks. Bayley to win 8/11


Raw Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks

Another rematch from the previous PPV we will see Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks inside Hell in a Cell for the Raw Women’s Championship. While Sasha has been in a Hell in a Cell match before she also lost that match to Charlotte Flair. Many are speculating that Lynch will lose as Banks is a strong enough opponent to take the title from her but we believe that Banks is Lynch’s first real test since becoming Raw Women’s Champion. We think Lynch will retain the belt at the PPV and build to Survivor Series where Becky will face off against Bayley since she’s yet to have a match with the women who took the Smackdown Women’s Championship from her (yes Charlotte beat her for the title but she dropped it to Bayley two minutes later so Lynch could see Bayley as the one who stole it). Lynch to win 7/4


Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs Erick Rowan and Luke Harper

Luke Harpers surprise return at Clash of Champions was truly a shock given he wanted to leave the company for months. We’re not too sure about turning Daniel Bryan face as we enjoyed his heel work a lot more than his babyface run since he returned. We hope that this will all be part of a larger plot but given how many beatdowns Bryan has received at the hands of Rowan and Harper we think this is how the story is going. Reigns and Bryan wouldn’t lose anything by taking a pin whereas Rowan and Harper would lose almost all momentum gained since they began this storyline. We believe Rowan and Harper will get the win due to miscommunication between Bryan and Reigns. Rowan and Harper to win 6/4


Universal Championship Hell in a Cell Seth Rollins vs Bray Wyatt

It’s…. it’s gotta be Wyatt doesn’t it? You can’t do a no contest inside Hell in a Cell (again) right? While I personally think it’s too soon for Wyatt to go for the title and his motivations for wanting the title aren’t always clear you just can’t have The Fiend lose his second match. Rollins should get in a bit of offense against Wyatt but Wyatt has to win this one otherwise it’s all been for nothing. Wyatt to win 1/6


That was very quick. Hopefully that’s not the entire card, other potential matches for the card could include


Rusev vs Lashley

It could be too soon for this match given the story only began this week but it could appear on the preshow. If it does then Lashley would win this match as WWE love doing a cuckold husband storyline these days.


Intercontinental Championship Shinsuke Nakamura vs Ali

This match has potential to show up on the card aswell but it’s very unlikely that there would be a title change given Nakamura’s shiny new cape.


United States Championship AJ Styles vs Cedric Alexander

Again this could happen but given Styles’ squash last PPV it’s hard to see why we should care about this match now. If it happens chances are Styles would retain going into the brand split


Raw Tag Team Championship RooDolph vs Heavy Machinery

We could see this match being on the card given Heavy Machinery won a number one contenders match recently despite being Smackdown Superstars but we don’t think they care anymore. RooDolph would most likely retain here.


OC vs Viking Raiders

This feud has been brewing for a few months now and both teams could put on a fantastic match. This match would most likely be on the preshow though if it happened with the Viking Raiders winning the match.


WWE Championship Brock Lesnar vs Kofi Kingston

Brock Lesnar squashed Kofi Kingston in under 10 seconds on Smackdown ending his WWE title reign at around 6 months. Kofi didn’t deserve such a loss so we believe he may challenge Lesnar to a more competitive match tonight at Hell in a Cell. Lesnar will of course still win the match and go on to feud with Rey Mysterio’s son Cain “Dominic” Velasquez.


So that’s our Odds and Predictions for Hell in a Cell 2019. Given we have to predict half the card happening this has been a difficult selection. What do you think of our predictions? Are there any other matches you’re expecting to happen? Will WWE ruin The Fiend? Will I finally call the US title match right? Let us know your thoughts. As always I’ve been MostlyGary and we look forward to hearing your thoughts.