Just a few days ago WWE fans were shocked by the news that Paul Heyman will be solely an in-ring performer, meaning he has been let go from his position of Executive Producer of Monday Night Raw.

Bruce Pritchard will replace Heyman and will now oversee both main roster brands to allegedly streamline the creative process.

According to several reports, young talent withing Raw are worried about their future now that Pritchard is in charge. Talents such as Apollo Crews, Andrade, Murphy and more were all given opportunities by Heyman that they had not received before.

It looks like the fears of Raw Stars are justified, just days after Heyman’s role change one of his projects have now been moved to the pre-show of tonight’s BackLash pay per view.

According to WrestlingNews.co, the match for the United States Championship between Andrade and Apollo Crews will no longer be part of the main card and will instead be part of tonight’s pre-show.

According to the current internal match line-up, the Kickoff show will feature United States Champion Apollo Crews vs. Andrade. WWE has yet to officially announce that match for the Kickoff show but that is what is listed right now internally. Crews and Andrade are two guys that Heyman was trying to push.

Its hard to predict that the match would not have been moved if Heyman was still in charge, however it would be unlikely that Vince would have been able to change the match so easily if Heyman wanted two of his stars pushed onto the main stage.

According to the report Mr McMahon has not stopped there, apparently, he has been involved in changing quite a few matches from both Raw and SmackDown.

“I was told this morning that McMahon has already made a change to the finish of one match and some ideas that were planned for other matches have also been scrapped or tweaked. I was told that there were changes made on the SmackDown side too but most of the ideas scrapped were from the Raw side.”

There has been talk online that this is the reason Vince had to let Heyman go. Raw episodes have had better content over the past few months compared to SmackDown, however, Heyman will put up a fight when it comes to the creativity of his show. Pritchard is more of a ‘Yes Man’ and will agree with whatever Vince says.