We are a living in unprecedented times, with the spread of the COV-19 Virus people are living day to day not knowing what’s round the corner and at WWE it is no different. It was confirmed by WWE that Wrestlemania will go ahead without fans in attendance for the first time in history. Given the state of the world at the moment although if it wasn’t for money the event would be suspended all together but this is Vincent Kennedy McMahons world and apparently the show must go on.

Another huge announcement has been made in corolation to Wrestlmania, For the first time ever the event will be held over two nights, Saturday 4th April and Sunday 5th April all on the WWE network.

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Oh we forgot Mojo Rawleys friend is also hosting. Apparently. The WWE is in a state of flux and there is no knowing how these shows will be formatted, Whether it be two main events and what matches will be on what night but you’d have to hope WWE will be forthcoming with information starting at Smackdown this Friday on Fox.

How do you see these shows panning out?

Mostly Conor