Former WWE Superstar Bubba Ray Dudley swerved his followers online with his tweet about an emotional investment in the ongoing Randy Orton/Edge storyline.

The pair have arguably been part of the most compelling feud of the year so far with Edge making his return at the Royal Rumble. Even without a crowd, they have managed to captivate the TV audience.

The support for Edge is huge and Randy stepping up his B plus game for the veteran has made for some special moments in this no crowd era.

Bully Ray was in full sarcastic mode on social media as he watched the latest instalment of Raw where Edge addressed his WWE future after suffering an injury during the ‘Greatest natch ever’ at Backlash.

The argument from many wrestling purists is good story telling is hard to come by these days.

Vince McMahon’s lens of the business seems outdated and skewed at times and the product suffers. When you have two guys like Edge and Orton who have his trust, you can still make magic moments.