Since All Elite Wrestling was launched over a year ago, they have intrigued fans by blurring the lines between who is a babyface and who is a heel. AEW’s Executive Vice President and Current TNT Champion is a prime example of this.

Since he became the first ever TNT Champion at Double or Nothing against Lance Archer, we have seen him battle under dogs within the company such as Jungle Boy and Sonny Kiss. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have also seen him take a bump onto tacks in a rough match up against Eddie Kingston.

A fan on Twitter pointed this out and asked Cody which side he falls into. The TNT Champ had this to say:

Some fans dislike the black and white approach to characters, and they prefer this shade of grey which keeps fans guessing what will happen next. Others will argue that there should be clear good guys to face the bad guys. If you were to take Cody out of the grey, do you prefer him being a face or a heel?