It was announced by WWE that Jack Gallacher, real name Jack Claffey has been released from the company. Check out the official announcement from WWE:

Since relieving Gallacher from his contract with the company, WWE have now followed up by removing him from all their website.

When WWE removed over twenty athletes back in April as a cost cutting exercise, the company moved the stars to their alumni section of the website. Gallacher hss been removed completely. Also, when others were released the were wished good luck in the future. There has been no such message for Gallacher.

We saw Gallacher’s last match this Friday on 205 live where he featured in the main event against Jake Atlas. The match itself has not been removed from the network however there are no photos of the match on the website and no highlights available for fans to watch on WWE’s YouTube channel.

Gallacher was one of the many stars who were named in part of the #SpeakingOut movement. Multiple women have taken to social media over the past few days to speak about sexual assaults and harassment they have received from Wrestling names throughout the industry. WWE issued a statement on the matter; the statement was not directed at Gallacher but instead talks about the subject in general. They said:

“Individuals are responsible for their own personal actions. WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving domestic violence, child abuse and sexual assault. Upon arrest for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately suspended. Upon conviction for such misconduct, a WWE talent will be immediately terminated.

WWE’s ability to fine, suspend or terminate a WWE talent will not be, however, limited or compromised in any manner in the event incontrovertible evidence of such illegal misconduct is presented to WWE.”

There is no proof on whether the accusations against Gallacher are genuine and as of now we still have no confirmation as to whether the release of Jack Gallacher was related to the allegations against him.