This past week we heard that WWE are considering making a permanent change to their weekly schedule. After the success of this week’s Super Tuesday NXT episode, they are thinking about making a permanent move from Wednesday nights.

It could be said that AEW Dynamite has won the Wednesday night ratings war. Since the two shows started going head to head late last year, AEW have dominated not only in the amount of people viewing but also in the all important 18-49 demographic. Jericho has recently named himself the DemoGod and has came out to say that NXT should surrender and ‘retreat’ to a Tuesday evening.

Here is what Jericho had to say regarding the situation:

“They should retreat. They should move to any other night. Get away from us! You guys got a great program and it’s good, why would you want to sacrifice your own ratings just to be spiteful and petty to go head to head with AEW? We’re not going anywhere and put on anything you want – we’ll continue to beat you. It is a retreat, but it’s also the right move from a business standpoint. Get your head out of your rear end and just worry about your product the same way we worry about ours. If they move to Tuesday, smart move. That way you guys can get your 850 thousand, 900 thousand. Whatever! Get 10 million viewers. Congratulations! Let us do our thing and we’ll get over a million. I think it’s a smart move business-wise on theirs. They lost! There’s nothing wrong with conceiting defeat, moving to a different night, and worrying about your show and not worrying about going head to head with AEW because you can’t stop us.”

With both promotions running unopposed this week we seen a significant increase in the viewership for both NXT and AEW, surely this is something the TV networks will have noticed.