Chris Jericho is still going strong in AEW. He will always be Le Champion to us, even though he is no longer AEW World Champion. When he does decide to retire he might already have his final opponent picked out.

One fan tweeted at Lance Storm asking: “Is it true Jericho wants his last match to be against you?” It would bookend Y2J’s career nicely.

Storm, who was recently furloughed from WWE as a backstage producer tweeted out affirmatively.

Lance Storm is clearly still in good shape even though he no longer wrestles. He recently commented that he will be in the greatest shape ever thanks to all the isolation workouts he’s been doing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

You never know if Jericho vs Storm might happen again down the line, but if it is Chris Jericho’s last match it might not take place for a long time. Jericho has recently been commentating recent episodes of AEW and fans are loving it. He has admitted that even when he does hang up his wrestling boots, we would love to replace in ring action with commentating.