Jim Corbett is the latest to comment on Ronda Rousey’s latest attacks on the WWE. The Legendary wrestling personality did not hold back when he spoke about the former WWE Champion in his latest podcast.

As previously reported, Rousey has recently called wrestling fans ungrateful, said wrestling is fake and implied she would never be back in the ring on a full time basis. Cornette being as passionate as always about the business he was not very impressed by these comments.

WWE may be setting up a work here as they mentioned the situation on RAW last night and played a video of previous anguish between Nia Jax and Rousey. Despite this here’s what Cornette had to say on his latest edition of Drive-Thru:

“Here’s the problem, you didn’t do it your f**king self. Triple H laid that [WrestleMania debut] match out. Specifically because he wanted you to get over. Kurt Angle was your partner right? Not only one of the quickest learners in the history of f**king wrestling but also a f**king guy who was far higher than Ronda Rousey in the shoot fighting world. She had a good persona, I loved her ‘game face’ when she walked out and did her deal. She treated the business seriously when she was in the ring.”

“I should’ve known that there was a problem when she’s the one who had 2 nervous breakdowns after losing MMA fights, she’s a mental case. But now, ‘it was just so hard, I was on the road 200 nights a year.’ MAKING SEVEN FIGURES, I don’t know exactly what her contract was, what her pay was. It’s been reported a million and a half in some places. But if anyone thinks that Ronda Rousey wasn’t making over a million dollars a year you’re f**king insane.”

“And two hundred days a year? My f**king as*hole bleeds for ya darling. Try working 100 days in a row for Bill Watts for two grand a week. You’ve insulted every single person that ever got in the wrestling business that didn’t come in and get given a six-figure contract by the WWF. Their f**king efforts [you’ve] diminished that. You whine and you gripe and your p***y needs powdered cause you were on the road 200 days a year. You have no more respect and you gained no respect for the business, Now that you’re done with it, you were just enjoying it for a couple million bucks a year.”


As mentioned, Rousey’s antics were brought up on Raw last night as Shayna Baszler was asked what she made of them before she headed out to her match.

Baszler didn’t comment, but did back up her friend on Twitter, while the likes of Alexa Bliss and Nia Jax have taken umbrage to the ‘Baddest Woman on the Planet’s comments.