Across the wrestling world we have seen numerous athletes and background staff being accused of sexual misconduct and assaults this week. Women are taking to Twitter as part of the #SpeakingOut movement to highlight their encounters.

Multiple wrestling promotions have had to make statements on the situation. One of the names involved in accusations is Jim Cornette. AKI Evolution took to Twitter to allege that Cornette and his wife were involved in grooming OVW talent. The thread goes into detail including young athletes being forced into performing sexual acts on his wife. Cornette would insist on watching for them to earn being booked on shows.

The full Twitter thread can be found here:

Cornette is clearly not taking the allegations seriously and has responded to the accusations in two separate Tweets:

We must insist that these allegations have not been proven as of yet. We will make sure that all sides are heard. We will continue to keep you as updated as we can