AEW announcer Jim Ross is convinced the new promotion should make signing Rusev a top priority following the former WWE United States Champion’s release from the company last week.

Ross said that if he was in charge of AEW’s talent acquisitions, Rusev would be first WWE star he’d consider signing before any others that were released last week. Speaking on a special episode of Grilling JR with Conrad Thompson, JR said:

“I think that Rusev is the kind of guy you can bring in and he’d be a great contender for any title,” said JR. “Would I like to see a Jon Moxley vs. Rusev match? Of course I would. I’m a wrestling fan, why wouldn’t I? To me, he would be my top priority.”

Ross also stated that this was something he hadn’t discussed with high-level AEW management yet but hopefully it is something he brings up soon. Ross wasn’t shy of heaping immense praise on Rusev, saying WWE “missed on him,” and that he was capable of “having some major pay-per-view main events with top talents in our company. Anyone would be smart to hire him.”

It’s hard to disagree with what the legend says here. AEW may be losing money the same as most companies right now, but surely if they could stretch to offering out one more contract this is the one to offer. If AEW should sign any of the WWE releases it should be Rusev.