Lots of wrestlers have been sending their best wishes to those in the WWE that unfortunately got released in the last 24 hours.

Jon Moxley current AEW champion and former WWE champion commented on yesterday’s mass release of Superstars.

Moxley said the following on Wrestling Observer Live:

“My heart goes out to all the people who are affected by this craziness, whether it be financial or worse. I heard a bunch of news through the grapevine, people in our business got unfortunate phone calls this morning, so it’s a weird time. I’m feeling very fortunate. I was not, or I will not, for a second feel sorry for myself, like poor me, during this craziness because I’ve got it pretty good, all things considered. I’m just stuck in the house with my wife [Renee Young], who is my favorite person to hang out with anyway. We’re just hanging out, getting it on all over the house all day, watching movies, and she’s got some cooking projects she’s experimenting with. So, I’m basically hanging out and having a beautiful woman feed me meals every day. No matter how the World Title match turns out tonight, I feel like a World Champion and I am very blessed at this time.”


Moxley’s interview was recorded before last night’s Pre recorded Dynamite show at the main event, which saw him face Jack Hager the AEW World Title Match in an Empty Arena No Holds Barred match.

He also mentioned the differences between AEW and WWE and discussed why he is much happier where he is now.

“When fans go to a WWE show…they want everything to be good, but the second they feel like they’re getting screwed with, they’ll turn on the whole show. And you get things like the wave and the CM Punk chants and stuff like that. We don’t have any of that, because our fans know we’re not gonna screw them over…Part of going to a WWE show is you want to middle finger Vince.”

“You have to give them what they want. WWE just kind of had the mentality of ‘we know better than them, we’ll give them this guy’… All you have to do is give them the guy they want. It’s not a true meritocracy in WWE…but fortunately we’re not gonna make those same mistakes in AEW. If something’s not working or sucks, we’re gonna know, and we’re gonna be like ‘this doesn’t work and it sucks’, we’re not gonna be like ‘no trust me it rules’…ultimately the fans can trust us to always deliver in the long term.”

Moxley seems happy that he got out when he did and seems to be taking AEW by storm. What he says makes sense.