Kenny Omega has expressed his shock at Cody Rhodes leaving the company he helped build just three years ago.

His former fellow EVP shocked the wrestling world by not only quitting the company but negotiating a deal with WWE – a place Cody had left because he had no freedom or say in his push.

Kenny has been on the sidelines after losing the AEW world title to Hangman Page late in 2021.

Speaking about Cody’s departure – Kenny was pragmatic but also sad to see him go.

“Everyone was shocked. Wrestling is – we all know when our deals are up, especially the EVPs like we know when our deals are up. Especially in the case of The Bucks, they know when their options kick in, for myself I don’t have a deal like that, I’m up next year just straight up done. So I’d have to re-sign a new one, there’s no option.”

“We knew Cody much like The Bucks, there was that time. And when we would hear that there’s possibly some difficulty with the renegotiation or whatever. It was almost like – you never think it’s gonna go in that direction where the talent is going to opt for leaving. Especially since when this thing started, I would say the most passionate person about our revolution, the most passionate person about creating an ‘us versus them’ mentality was Cody. So it was strange for him to choose to just up and walk away.”

“However, that being said, feelings change. The environment around you is ever-changing, it’s constantly changing, and maybe the mission statement or the goal or the revolution or whatever you were searching for and trying to create, maybe that isn’t what it is anymore to you. Maybe that isn’t your inspiration or what gets you out of bed every day.”

The Torch and the Wrestling Observer are both reporting Cody heading back to WWE is a done deal. Surely they’ll now be just working out the versatile ahead of his re-debut.