On Friday’s episode of WWE |Smackdown, it was announced that there are going to be another two qualifying matches held next week, the winners will get their chance to compete on the roof of the WWE headquarters in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Both matches are related and both are part of a much larger storyline we have seen progress over the past few weeks.

On the Men’s side Dolph Ziggler will be wrestling Otis. On the women’s side, Mandy Rose will be facing Carmella.

I think we can predict that Sonia Deville will be getting involved somehow.

Ziggler and Deville have been Feuding with WWE’s hot new couple Otis and Rose, we can presume there will be interference in at least one if not two of the matches.

The most obvious ques would be that they could have Sonya interfere and cost Mandy the match. This would make sense because they could just have Mandy vs. Sonya in a straight-up match at the pay-per-view

As always we will keep you updated on this as it happens.