The official viewing numbers for last night’s July 27th episode of Monday night Raw have been revealed. The low numbers must still be a worry for both WWE and USA Network despite the fact Vince McMahon feels that they are not a problem.

Showbuzz Daily informed us that the show drew in 1.616 million viewers, which is down from last week’s 1.628 million. This week’s viewing average is the second worst in the long history of the show. The lowest ever being 1.561 million from two weeks ago.

Here is how the hourly breakdown looks:

1st Hour: 1.699 million

2nd Hour: 1.688 million

3rd Hour: 1.463 million

As mentioned, this is not the lowest average rating the Monday night show have seen, however when broken down hourly, the 3rd hour of the show was a new record low for a single hour.

Regarding the all-important demographic of 18-49, the show averaged a rating of 0.47 which was slightly up from last week’s 0.46

Within the episode we seen Asuka vs Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Title. We also seen Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler as the main event with Randy Orton making an appearance before the show ended.