The Royal Rumble has came and went and we got 2 rumble winners that most we did not expect (as much as we hoped for Drew to win). And while the Wrestlemania card begins to form there are two members of the WWE Board of Directors who will not be sticking around to see it.

Co-Presidents of WWE George Barrios and Michelle Wilson have left their positions as Co-Presidents and members of the Board as announced in a statement from WWE. They served over 10 years in the position.

It should be noted that once the announcement unexpected was made the WWE stock price took a noticeable fall. Within a few hours it went from a peak of $62.40 to $47.99.

According to it seems as though they may have left due to the concerns over the increasing coat of wrestlers contracts and the public relations hits regarding how wrestlers are treated.

Dave Meltzer of has suggested that the reason for the change could be to use them as scapegoats as their Q4 earnings will be announced soon and seem lower than what was expected.