Just a day after AEW announced they will be aired on TNT drama in the states, the WWE have their own shake up in mind in the UK.

According to reports on Thursday morning, World Wrestling Entertainment is about to leave long term partners Sky Sports for their UK rivals BT.

This would be a seismic shift in the companies UK TV deal and a blow for Sky Sports who have already lost the Champions League rights to the BT Broadcasters in recent years.

From a UK perspective as an avid sports fans this could spell good news for UK fans. It’s widely acknowledged BT have become experts and surpassed Sky Sports at promoting anything they have under their umbrella.

Right now, nothing is official but Wrestling fans across the pond may be in for a treat with better exposure than ever before for the brand.

WWE are struggling for ratings in the US at the moment with their flagship show Raw hitting record lows since the show was launched back in the 90s.