Throughout the United States of America people have took to the streets to protest the death of George Floyd, a victim of police brutality. Many across the States are channelling their anger towards the President of the United States Donald Trump due to his lack of action, use of insensitive language and inappropriate tactics.

Jaxson Ryker, Member of the Forgotten Son’s from WWE Smackdown, took to Twitter to show his support for President Trump.


Ryker’s Tweet did not go down well with his colleagues in the Wrestling Universe. An enraged Dave Batista called out Ryker publicly without naming him.

Kevin Owens also replied to the Tweet said that he did not want to argue about Ryker’s tweet itself but was disgusted by his usage of his pro-wrestling catchphrase.

Mustafa Ali joined in to say that he was glad that Ryker posted the tweet when he did because now, he’s aware of Ryker’s stance. Ali criticized Ryker for praising someone who does not acknowledge what the African Americans are going through.

Ryker is part of the Forgotten Sons along with Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler. They are new editions to SmackDown and appear to be built up as contenders within the Tag Team division. It seems that in the ring he has a Tag Team partner, however looks like he is on his own in his opinions.

We are not sure what the aftermath of this thoughtless Tweet will mean for Jaxson. We are sure however that there will be more messages from his peers to disagree with his stance as the day goes on.