One of the biggest stars in Vince MacMahon’s company is currently a free agent. After being with WWE for so long, Brock Lesnar is no longer under a contract.

It is being reported by PWInsider that Lesner and WWE have been working on a new deal but they have yet to come up with a mutual agreement. This means that if he wanted to, Lesnar would be free to leave WWE and join any other promotion such as All Elite Wrestling or UFC.

The report mentions that this is not the first time Lesnar has let his contract expire. However it is the longest he has went without a contract before renewing. The report has not specified when exactly the contract ran out or how long he has been without one. It does state that the two sides have yet to come to terms for a new one.

We last seen Lesnar at this year’s WrestleMania where he was defeated by Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. Lesnar often takes time in between title reigns but given the circumstances regarding Coronavirus, this is quite a long time for him to be away from our screens.

Should we be reading more into the fact that Paula Heyman has recently been teamed up with Roman Reigns? Seems too much of a coincidence. To add to the speculation that he could leave the company all together, it was also reported today that all of Brock Lesnar’s merchandise has been removed from the WWE store.

We will keep you updated with any new information regarding his contract.