An extremely popular WWE star has his eyes set on joining rival promotion ALL Elite Wrestling, however he can not jump ship yet due to contractual obligations. The news that WWE is in danger of losing more popular wrestlers to AEW was revealed by Matt Hardy in a recent interview. He revealed that his brother is considering a move to Tony Khan’s promotion.

According to Matt Hardy, his brother Jeff will not be able to leave WWE anytime soon. Apparently, he has quite some time left in his current contract. Here is what Matt had to say regarding the move:

 “It would be nice to say, like well we can do this big angle and then Jeff and I team up and we wrestle The Young Bucks. That would be amazing and great and hopefully down the road that happens. He still has a big chunk of time left on his deal, but we’ll see what the future holds.”

This statement by Matt is a serious hint that Jeff is seriously considering a move to be with his brother. One Jeff’s contract runs out it looks like there is no doubt as to where he will go.

Matt Hardy left WWE in March this year due to creative differences. He then turned up at AEW and has had ana amazing impact on the show. Jeff could have left at the same time as his brother however an injury caused WWE to add an additional year onto his contract meaning he would be free to go next March.