On last weeks episode of AEW Dynamite, Matt Hardy and Sammy Guevara continued their feud which ended up in a brawl spilling to the outside of the ring. Guevara incorrectly threw a chair directly into the face of Hardy. Hardy ended up with a massive gash in his head from the chair which left him a pool of blood. After the show we were informed that he had to get thirteen stitches for the wound.

Hardy has responded to Sammy in a promo on his YouTube channel. Check out the quote courtesy of Fightful:

“You ever have those moments in life where it seems like time stood still? I had one of those at AEW Dynamite when I get into a brawl with that little weirdo bitch, Sammy Guevara. After eating a ringpost and coming back, I remember being placed on a table and then it seemed like time was standing still. Everything was in slow motion.

I remember seeing a chair that was open coming flying in my face and in my mind I was thinking, ‘that’s no average steel chair you see in pro wrestling, no, that’s three or four times heavier, industrial-grade chair that’s flying at my face.’ I tried to pull my arms up as fast as I could, but it felt like they weighed a million pounds each, and I couldn’t quite block it. The chair got through and I remember it exploding my forehead, then my world went black.

Whenever I woke up after that, I was lying in the remains of a broken table and blood was coming out of my head like it was Niagra Falls. Sammy, that literally could have killed me. Congratulations, you’re gonna go down in pro wrestling history as the guy who threw the most dangerous, reckless, chairshot in history. That’s not the only thing you’re gonna hold when you go down in history. You’re also gonna go down as the person who had unlimited potential but never lived to realize it.

Now, it is my mission to end you. Not just physically hurt you, it’s my mission to rid you from this business. You don’t deserve to be in the same industry that I’m in. I’m sure you live life very ‘easy go lucky,’ you’re a single guy; not me. When you put my life on the line, I have a family, a wife, three young kids that depend on me every single day. you took a chance on ruining my life. People, promotions, they’ve been trying to kill me, literally and figuratively, for the last two decades, but they don’t succeed, do you know why? Because I don’t die, I don’t die. I don’t die! I DON’T DIE! Can you say the same thing?”

There has been no confirmation yet, however we can assume that this will continue into a match between the two at All Out, scheduled to air on September 5th.

Guevara apparently did get serious heat for the chair botch backstage. He was supposed to hit Hardy with an adapted pro wrestling folding chair, however he could not find it during the brawl and instead picked up the nearest chair, a real chair, and launched it at Hardy’s head resulting in the very real injury.

Check out Matt Hardy’s full video message for Sammy Guevara below: