Throughout the United states and even across the world it is an extremely heated time in society right now. There are mass gatherings to protest the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police. Since the incident there has been discussions throughout society, in particular there was a very heated discussion backstage at NXT Takeover: In Your House.

It has been reported by Fightful Select (subscription required) that Shawn Michaels got into an intense debate with another WWE producer before the even on Sunday. It was reported that the other unnamed producer claimed that everyone already gets treated the same in America. Michaels got extremely angry while trying to explain inequality and systematic prejudice to his fellow colleague.

It was said that although Michaels was clearly upset over his colleague’s simple mindedness, he managed to be professional and continued to work along side the producer for the rest of Takeover after the argument took place. Most members of the company including in ring talent were not even aware of the argument until the next day.

It is crazy that Michaels even needed to put across his opinions on the subject. You just need to have a look at the media at the moment to see all of the injustice that is happening across the states. It is clear to understand why Michaels would get heated with someone saying that it does not exist.