Money In The Bank ladder matches will both be taking place at WWE HQ for the first time ever. Superstars will start on the ground floor of the building and make their way up to the roof, where they will try and claim the briefcase above the ring.

WWE confirmed last night on Friday Night SmackDown that for the first time ever, both the men’s and women’s ladder matches will take place at the same time.

it appears that one top WWE star may have spoiled a rather awesome spot that we could be seeing in the amazing new match next weekend.

Speaking to TV Insider, Becky Lynch revealed that Vince McMahon “fell off a tower” to demonstrate to a wrestler how to do it properly. This could perhaps spoil that we are going to see someone “fall off” WWE HQ during the ladder match at the upcoming pay-per-view.

“Vince is such a larger-than-life character. At the same time, I watched him the other day demonstrate falling off a tower at 74-years-old without a bother, brushing his shoulders off and standing up again.”

With the simultaneous matches being pre-recorded this gives WWE the opportunity to produce more cinematic versions of matches like we have seen at this years Wrestlemania. Unusual outcomes such as someone falling off part of a building would certainly be more plausible than if the match were broadcast live.