If you followed some of our Wrestlemania predictions you may have made some money back and we are here again to give you our predictions with the odds available.

The first match we will be predicting which will undoubtedly be on the preshow as Vince doesn’t know what 205 Live is will be the Cruiserweight title match between Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari. This one seems open and shut but with the upcoming Saudi show you never know who will be champion walking into the event. But we still see Tony Nese retaining the belt on his first PPV defence. Tony Nese at 1/8 should win the match.

Remember when the Usos were cool? Would put on stellar matches while staying serious on the mic and in the ring. Remember the Revival? Well, forget the Revival because the Usos (who are on Raw) are taking on the Smackdown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Remember when Survivor Series was “the only time Raw and Smackdown superstars go head to head”? Anyway since it is a non-title match the Revival could attack the Usos to cause a DQ finish but it seems more likely that Daniel Bryan and Rowan will pick up the win. Bryan and Rowan should win 1/2.

Now onto what will likely be the main show. Roman Reigns will take on Elias in a singl…….. Roman’s winning. He just is. Roman to win 4/11

Probably the most personal rivalry since John Cena and Edge got John Cena Senior involved now finds The Miz and Shane McMahon locked inside a steel cage. While we predicted Shane McMahon would win at Wrestlemania we did not predict he would do it via landing on top of Miz after a suplex off a stage in the crowd! While we expect craziness to ensue during the match we think The Miz should win, for George’s sake. Miz to win 2/9

While the Miz and Shane McMahons rivalry has been boiling for a while there is another rivalry that has been getting more personal week to week. With the addition of Dominic to the storyline between Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe, it’s a toss-up as to who could walk out as the US champion. Mysterio could win the belt becoming a grand slam champion or there could be a sinister outcome we see being more likely. Dominic could turn on his father and align himself with Samoa Joe asking Joe to adopt him. Imagine it, Samoa Dominic, Samoa Doe, the way Vince has been booking thing lately it’s not out the realm of possibilities. We see Joe walking out of Money in the Bank with the US title and a new son. Joe to win 4/9

Kofimania has been running wild for months now but it may hit a roadblock when going one on one with the Prizefighter Kevin Owens. Formerly known as Big O, Kevin Owens has been tearing apart the New Day over the past few weeks on Smackdown Live including injuring Xavier Woods and mocking Big E. It seems far too soon to end Kofi’s historic title reign but with a Money in the Bank match taking place you never know. Even if a cash in occurs we don’t see Kevin Owens picking up the WWE title right now and see Kofimania continuing through his visit to Ghana at least. Kofi to win 4/9

What could have been a Wrestlemania main event is being given to us with only a few weeks build. Thanks to the superstar shakeup (before the genius move that was the wildcard rule) we now have AJ Styles on Monday Night Raw. One of the longest reigning WWE Champions in recent memory would surely set his sights on becoming the top guy on his new show but already there stands The Beastslayer Seth Rollins who defeated Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania in only a couple of minutes. While AJ Styles has a known weakness for being kicked in the great balls of fire we don’t think Seth will go for this tactic on Sunday. However, we can’t see AJ picking up the belt either. We can see Seth Rollins retaining the title but he may not be holding it for long. Seth to win 1/4

The Man won it all at Wrestlemania in the main event but can she keep it all? She has at least two matches ahead of her at Money in the Bank. First up it’s The Man Becky Lynch vs the WOOOOOman Charlotte Flair. This is a match that has gone either way in the past and depending on the order of the card could be either way. By the end of the night, Becky two belts could be Becky no belts. The odds on favourite to win the match is Becky Lynch at 8/15 as she will probably win her first match. When it comes to Becky vs Lacey however we believe Lacey will beat a tired Lynch, possibly with a distraction from Charlotte. Lacey would take the belt at 3/1 leaving Becky in the ring for a potential cash in. We predict Lacey winning instead of Charlotte as it would establish her as a top star being the one who toppled The Man, otherwise, all she’s done is walk to and from the ring every week, fall over in the royal rumble and lose at her first PPV. Lacey to beat Becky 3/1 and Becky to beat Charlotte at 8/15

Now to the matches that gave the PPV its name. We’ll start with the Women’s Money in the Bank Match as unfortunately, we have learned that Alexa Bliss will be unable to compete in the match and has been replaced by Nikki Cross. As a general rule of thumb whoever replaces someone in a match will usually win it but we don’t think it’ll be Nikki’s year to play with the briefcase. While Dana Brooke has come on leaps and bounds since debuting she feels like an afterthought in this match as does Natalya. Carmella and Naomi also feel like they won’t win the match as Carmella has already won once, not twice, never forget the first women’s money in the bank match was won by James Ellsworth. This leaves us with the top 3 favourites from the bookies. Ember Moon at 3/1, Bayley at 5/2 and surprisingly Mandy Rose at 9/4 as the favourite. Heels are generally better with the briefcase as they can get the heat by cashing in on a heel champion. This is the match that could go many different ways but we believe Ember Moon will win the briefcase and announce a cash in down the line on the first Smackdown show on the Fox Network. We chose Ember over Bayley and Mandy as Mandy and Sonya can give the women’s tag division the numbers it desperately needs and Bayley could turn heel after losing and take the title off of Becky Lynch at a future PPV. Ember Moon to win 3/1

And Finally, we have the Men’s Money in the Bank match. Much like the Women’s match, there are many potential winners and a last minute change substituting Braun Strowman for Sami Zayn. We expect the rule of thumb to be ignored once again as Sami Zayn would be a good briefcase holder will most likely be taken out by an angry Strowman at some point during the match despite him being 3<sup>rd</sup> favourite at 7/1. Let’s be honest, if you were trying to remember who was in the match, the chances are you’d forget Randy Orton was one of them which is why he’s unlikely to win. Unless Finn Balor busts out the Demon he’ll just have to settle for being Intercontinental Champion, Baron Corbin is in the match so there’s a good chance Finn will bring the Demon. Oh yeah….. Baron Corbin’s in the match….. Please, God, don’t let him win again. Ali will no doubt pull off some amazing feats alongside the other high flyers in the match but we think he’s just there for the spots. Ricochet went out of smackdown holding the briefcase and as much as we would love for him to win that’s a surefire sign he won’t be winning. Which brings us to our top 2 favourites. Andrade at 5/2 and Drew McIntyre at 4/6. We know both men have had high praise backstage and Andrade has been taking English lessons to add more to his character but we have to go with our heart and say Drew will win. Drew would be a no-nonsense briefcase holder potentially cashing in on the night. He’s not had a singles title opportunity since the NXT title which he never got a rematch for, and who beat him for that title? That’s right, Andrade, the man he’ll headbutt off the ladder to finally claim the briefcase and go on to win his first world title in the WWE. Drew Mcintyre to win 4/6