Another week of lockdown due to Coronavirus. Another week of no crowds. Another week of a decline in ratings for Monday Night RAW. Each week the ratings for the show are creeping dangerously close to an all time low

Showbuzz Daily reported that April 27th episode of Raw dipped from the previous week’s 1.84 million viewers to 1.82 million. This is the lowest non-holiday number in the show’s history but not quite the all-time record, which is still held by the 24 December 2018 episode’s 1.78 million.

Here’s how the hourly breakdown looked:-

Hour one: 1.95 million.

Hour two: 1.89 million.

Hour three: 1.62 million.

Looking at the trends, and taking into consideration that the empty arena era isn’t ending anytime soon, one has to imagine that Raw will soon dip below that low water mark. It was also reported that the show is working on an extremely cut roster with only a tiny amount of WWE Superstars able to make the shows.

As far as the key 18-49 demographic is concerned, the numbers just get worse. Raw fell from a 0.56 to 0.51 – a drop of 29% on the previous year, which is notable as that episode did awful numbers against live NBA playoff coverage. It should be noted, however, that 27 of the 29 shows that beat Raw in the demo were news shows, most people are watching to get the latest news and info in the Coronavirus pandemic which is understandable.