Last week we reported that an athlete within WWE tested positive for COVID-19 which prompted a company wide test of all employees.

It is now being reported that more than one result from that testing have came back positive. One report noted that at least three people who had been at the Performance Centre cave been confirmed as having the virus.

It is now being reported by F4WOnline that this news effects athletes who are scheduled to be at the taping for WWE’s next few show. As of now the taping are still set to place but will obviously not involve those who have been found positive.

The report adds that the WWE talent or talents will be expected to isolate. WWE are eventually going to test all members of staff before entering the building, similar to what AEW have done for weeks now.

It has been confirmed by Sean Ross Sapp that family and friends of talent who have been occupying the audience over the past few weeks on WWE shows will not be used this week at the request of WWE’s medical team.