A month ago, we seen over thirty athletes released from their contracts including Kurt Angle, Rusev, Zack Ryder and Drake Maverick. We reported recently that a Hall of Famer and wrestling legend was also quietly let go from Vince McMahon’s company without anyone realising.

Former WCW and TNA Star Sting was previously signed to a legends contract with WWE but had been let go by the company. Mattel first announced the news by saying that for reasons out with their control, they had to stop the production of Sting action figures.

There have been multiple rumours that Sting is heading to AEW, especially considering the legend has been tweeting about watching their shows. Many have speculated that the former WWE star may be appearing at Double or Nothing this weekend. With Cody Rhodes idolising Sting it would not be a surprise that he does everything in his power to entice him to the company.

It appears as if “Sting to AEW” may be more than a rumour, as Dave Meltzer has speculated during his podcast that we may be seeing Sting inside an AEW ring before too long:

“But with Sting, I’ve got to think there is smoke to the fire, number one, because he’s tweeting about AEW, and Sting’s not going to do that because he’s not paying attention to anything unless he’s got an interest in it, and that they’re kind of acknowledging it, and also, when I ask about it, I get no answer. If there was nothing to it, I’m sure they would say there’s nothing to it. So I think there’s something to it. If they already have a deal, they’re going to announce it on their terms because sometimes they’ll wait a couple of weeks. And if they don’t have a deal, it’s probably something they’re at least contemplating.”

This is pure speculation on Meltzer’s part and is in no way a factual report that we will see Sting in AEW soon. But you never know. We will keep you as up to date as possible on the situation as always