Normally Championship title matches held on house shows are fairly predictable. The champion will always win or with the 24/7 Championship it will change hands numerous times before ending up back in the hands of who held it at the start of the night. But once in a blue moon at Madison Square Garden there’ll be a moment where a champion loses his title and one of these rare occasions happened last night.


Andrade managed to pick up the United States Championship from Rey Mysterio last night in what we’re sure would have been match of the night. While we’re happy that Andrade has finally captured his first Championship on the main roster we hope that they may play the match or even just the finish on Raw so we can see El Idolos big win over longtime rival Mysterio.

Are you excited to see Andrades title run? Who do you think will challenge him next for the US title? Will he hot potato the title back to Mysterio on Raw? Let us know what you think in the comments