Throughout WWE’s main roster there are currently 10 active championships up for grabs. The idea to add one more has allegedly been pitched by the creative team.

At the start of August, we witnessed the debut of Raw Underground on Monday night Raw. The new concept is hosted by Shane McMahon and includes some worked brawls in an underground fight club.

It has been reported today that a title for the fight club has been pitched within WWE. BeltFanDan took to Twitter to discuss the idea earlier today. It should be mentioned that BeltFanDan has recently broke news about championship belts within WWE and has been correct.

Here is the Tweet regarding the Raw Underground Championship

Raw underground has been entertaining so far. Not only have we seen establish names used to get them on screen and potentially start new storylines like Viking Raiders or Dolph Ziggler, but it has also allowed WWE to introduce some new faces to the brand such as Dabba-Kato (Babatunde), Arturo Ruas, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

Was Raw Underground not supposed to be unsanctioned and unrefined? Surely a championship belt would formalise it too much? some fans would like to see a new belt designed similar to the old Hardcore title. let us know what you think.