After what feels like only a few weeks of Eric Bischoff being announced as the Executive Director of Friday Night Smackdown this will be changing according to Cagesideseats.

The position will be taken over by the Something To Wrestle With host…….. Bruce Prichard. Prichard returned to the company in February 2019 joining the creative team before a month later being named the Senior Vice President.

Prichard has hosted a podcast alongside Conrad Thompson since 2016 talking about behind the scenes and inside opinions and knowledge of important wrestling topics such as the Montreal Screwjob as well as wrestlers careers such as the rise of John Cena and the rise of CM Punk.

Bruce Prichard will hopefully bring new ideas to the table for Smackdown and with the draft coming to a close there’s a chance for new feuds we have yet to see. Are you happy with this change? Did you want to see more from Bischoff? Let us know in the comments.