It was announced several weeks ago by WWE, that for the first time ever, both Money in the Bank ladder matches will take place at WWE headquarters as opposed to a traditional arena venue.

This extremely thrilling idea will start with WWE superstars battling in the downstairs lobby before fighting their way up the tower. The ladder match will culminate on the roof of the tower with the briefcases above the ring.

WWE have also confirmed that both the men’s and women’s match will take place simultaneously this year. This adds another twist to the already exciting new layout. This news was confirmed on last nights Smackdown by Corey Graves and Michael Cole.

Having the bout take place at WWE HQ is exciting, it would have perhaps been far too time consuming if both ladder matches took place at different times throughout the show. Having both at the same time certainly makes more sense and will inevitably add to the chaotic nature that the bout is bound to have.