NXT live is here! NXT premiered live on the USA network yesterday with a stellar show showcasing some of NXTs’ top talent.

There were several big questions answered on last night’s editing of NXT such as will it still have the same quality? Will the Cruiserweight division compete on NXT and will NXT UK feature at all?

Thankfully the answer to all of these seems to be yes! Last night showed fantastic matches such as Roderick Strong vs Velveteen Dream for the North American Championship seeing Strong become the new Champion through help from the Undisputed Era as well as new number 1 contenders Candice Lerae and Lio Rush for the NXT Women’s Championship and Cruiserweight Championship respectively.

We also saw NXT UK invade the broadcast as Imperium debuted by attacking Denzel Dejournette before Kushida would get in the ring claiming it to be his time now taking out Imperium and kicking Walter in the face before having to retreat. Imperium would later attack Riddle during the Riddle vs Dain Street Fight.

Everyone appears to be on board with the NXT live show, especially Triple H who jumping into the crowd joining in by chanting “NXT! NXT! NXT!”

What did you think of the first live episode of NXT? What do you think of the Undisputed Era holding all the Championships? Let us know in the comments.