For the past few weeks, we have reported the fact the AEW own Wednesday nights. Whenever they lose viewers NXT seem to lose more. But that has all changed this week. NXT have pulled it out the bag and smashed AEW Dynamite.

Jeremy Labbert of Fightful took to Twitter today to give us the following numbers:

The reported numbers show us that AEW achieved 633,000 viewers which is massively down from last week’s numbers of 772,000. The episode last week was much more stacked than this week. Last night’s episode did not have one member of the elite wrestling and three matches had to be changed including Jon Moxley being removed due to his wife Renee young testing positive for COVID-19.

NXT gained a massive 786,000 which is much higher than they have achieved in a long time. The main event was a triple threat match with Keith Lee successfully defending his North American Championship against Johnny Gargano and Finn Balor. Not only does he get to keep his title, but Lee also gets a winner takes all match against Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. This could possibly be the reason for the increased interest compared to other times.