Last week Kevin Owens was not featured on Monday Night Raw. It emerged soon after that it was not because the company had no need for him, but instead he asked the company to spend some time with his family.

Owens is not the first to do so during the Coronavirus pandemic, we have also seen Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn request some time off and to not work during the global health crisis.

Owens put out an emotional video on Twitter where he opened up about tragically losing a close family member to COVID-19, explaining that this is why he was absent during TV tapings.

He explained that his wife’s grandmother has passed away after contracting Coronavirus last month. Owens went on to say that family members were in a difficult position as they had top watch the funeral over Zoom.

KO attempted to encourage people to be sensible and wear masks when out in public. He added that people who chose to wear masks to protect themselves and others should not be mocked for doing so. He said that he had seen some things on social media that have been ‘sickening’

To conclude the video, Owens said that during this unique and incredibly challenging time, people should be out there to help each other out. He also stressed that people need to remain cautious as the pandemic is not over yet.