Paige makes a decent living with WWE, but the former Smackdown General Manager knows that others are not so lucky. The first ever WWE NXT Women’s Champion is doing what she can today to help some fans during this very difficult time for people.

At just after 3 PM today, Paige took to twitter asking people to give her their biggest struggles right now. What she did next was completely unexpected by all.

Paige thousands of replies from fans all around the world. She read all of them, and a few definitely caught her eye. The majority came from fans who were struggling to make ends meet due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Surprisingly, Paige started replying to some asking fans for their Venmo account to help them out.

It appears Paige made some charitable contributions to help some fans. It is unclear if she DMed anyone as well. This was great to see and the kind of news we needed today. Well done and thank you Paige.

Below are some of the tweets that she responded to.