Almost two weeks ago, WWE made the announcement that Paul Heyman had been released from his role as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw. Heyman is no longer serving in the role that he held for less than a year and will now be focussing on his in-ring career.

Fans have not been overly pleased by the fact that Heyman was released or the fact that he was replaced by Bruce Pritchard. Pritchard will now oversee Raw and SmackDown in order to ‘streamline’ the creative writing process.

It has been alleged that it was not only fans who were disgruntled by this decision, as the USA Network were reportedly not too pleased at the fact Heyman had been removed from his position and replaced by Vince McMahon’s first hand man, Pritchard without their knowledge.

Young up and coming stars such as Angel Garza, Aleister Black, Apollo Crews, Murphy and many more have been given the chance to shine under Paul Heyman. Understandably these stars are rather worried about getting a decent push now that Heyman has been fired.

It is being reported by Ringside News Paul Heyman would try to “inspire and motivate” Vince McMahon during creative meetings. They note that this is no longer happening during meetings and that ideas are being pitched quickly as to not bore the Chairman. Check out the quote below:

“A source in the company explained to us that Paul Heyman wanted to “sell the concepts to Vince.” He wanted to “inspire and motivate” McMahon during their pitch sessions. The new idea is to simply pitch something to McMahon as quickly as possible, and get out before he gets bored.”

Since Heyman’s departure, Raw has seen matches given less time and shows are reportedly being booked to increase ratings as opposed to getting wrestlers over or extend storylines.