A current WWE SmackDown star left Monday night Raw after recently clashing with Paul Hayman, the brand’s former Executive Producer.

The newly crowned Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles was reportedly ‘furious’ at Hayman following the releases of his good friends Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer wrote that Styles felts that although it was ultimately Vince McMahon’s decision, Paul Hayman could have fought more to keep Gallows and Anderson with the company.

Back on April 15th, Gallows and Anderson were released along with over twenty other main roster talents as well as writing staff. The cuts were controversially made not just to save money during the Coronavirus pandemic, but to ensure the company still made their biggest yearly profit.

WWE announced this week that Heyman’s role within the company has changed, he will now be focussing on his role as an in-ring manager and announcer. Bruce Prichard will now be taking over his role as Executive Producer of Raw, meaning he is now in charge of both main roster show.

WWE announced on June 11 that Heyman had been removed from his role as executive director of Raw, and Bruce Prichard, who was the equivalent on SmackDown, would be taking over as the creative lead on both brands and Heyman would be concentrating on his role as an in-ring performer.

This decision has not gone down well with fans, the majority of those believe that Raw has actually been far better to watch than SmackDown lately. Going back to AJ Styles’ opinion, if Heyman can not convince Vince McMahon to keep his own job, then what chance does he have in convincing him to save other stars?