In this Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite, we seen Matt Jackson complete a huge flip off of the stage onto the top of Dark order members. As a viewer, it was a pretty impressive dive. One person who did not find it impressive was huge WWE star Randy Orton.

Jackson took to Instagram to post the huge flip which sparked a reply from Orton. He told Jackson that although the landing was sweet, he didn’t actually hit anyone.

Check out what he said below, Orton also gave a shout out to his fellow athletes who now wrestle for AEW:


Orton is beginning to make a habit out of shooting on wrestlers on social media. He has also recently criticised NXT athletes of slapping their legs on kicks. He has also been outspoken about AEW.

Orton signed a new contract with WWE last year, however he famously used AEW as leverage to get a better deal. A piece of information that Tony Khan has mentioned once or twice.

Orton is set to take on Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship next week at Summerslam. Do you think he will come out on top?