Since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, WWE has seen its viewership fluctuate more than usual. This week’s episode of Monday Night Raw was way down, the show almost drew in a record-low rating, but it marginally beat the lowest ever viewership by 1000.

Details on the ratings were put on Twitter earlier today by Carlos Toros. The all-time low ratings came on May 4th with 1.686 million viewers. This week’s episode was only able to garner 1.687 million.

As Toros reported, the episode was down from last weeks number of 1.735 million viewers. Last weeks may have been slightly higher due to the interest in the ongoing Edge Vs Randy Orton saga. That storyline has been put in the background now as Edge recovers from surgery on his triceps. This could be the reason for the drop however that is just speculation.

It should also be mentions that it was a holiday weekend as the United States celebrated Independence Day. This could also have been the reason for a big drop in SmackDown’s Numbers on Friday.