We reported earlier in the week that the viewers for Friday Night Smackdown were down at their lowest since they moved to FOX Network. The average viewers for the blue brand was at 2.187million which shows a decline even from last week.

It seems the case is no different for Monday Night RAW, They only drew in an average of 1.842million for this weeks episode.

There are more important things going on in the world right now and people are trying to keep up with current affairs when watching TV but these ratings are the metrics by which WWE’s business are judged, and at the moment neither shows are doing well.

Brian Alvarez reported the viewer rating today on Twitter:

The numbers have dropped around 700,000 from last weeks average of 1.913 million. Does this mean that fans are no longer interested in crowd-less episodes? you would have thought that going back to live shows would have boosted numbers but apparently changing from pre-recorded shows had no impact.

This Monday’s episode included a main event of Drew McIntyre facing another one of Vega’s faction, Angel Garza and easily defeating them. He also set out a challenge to Seth Rollins at Money in The bank.

Speaking of Money In The Bank there was another three qualifying matches in which Alesteir Black, Apollo Crews and Rey Mysterio won their spot in the Ladder Match at the upcoming pay per view on May 10th.