Since the beginning of the Global Health warnings WWE and Vince McMahon have came under fire for how they are handling the health and wellbeing of staff. There have been multiple positive COVID-19 tests within the company and some Athletes have decided to avoid performing at all in order to protect their own family.

Most recently, is has been reported that wearing a mask is mandatory for everyone within the performance centre. Only times staff should not be wearing a mask is when they are wrestling or cutting a promo.

The mask wearing is not optional and any talent seen to not be wearing a mask will be fined $500 in the first instance. Any repeat offence will occur in $1000 after that. Action had to be taken in order to make the Performance centre a safer place, hopefully this will stop any further positive tests.

Fightful are reporting that the reason the masks were made mandatory is due to an on-screen talent. An unnamed Monday Night Raw star approached Vince McMahon with his concerns regarding WWE’s Coronavirus safety measures.

The report also explains why wearing a mask was not made mandatory until then. Check it out below:

WWE has implemented new measures to help fight COVID, but several changes were already underway.

Fightful has learned that WWE had made several moves over recent weeks, including splitting the Raw and Smackdown tapings as to have fewer people around at the shows. These moves alone helped ease the mind of some on the roster that raised concerns. That didn’t quite settle things, though.

After a hiatus of a few weeks due to COVID-19 concerns,, a returning Raw star was said to have approached Vince McMahon shorty after his arrival at last week’s Raw tapings. We’ve heard that the wrestler expressed his concerns about proper measures not being taken seriously enough, such as mask utilization and social distancing. This led to McMahon adding the rule that masks are mandatory and failure to comply will result in a fine.

When asked why McMahon hadn’t already instituted the changes, another wrestler told Fightful that Vince McMahon is stowed away in an office during most of the taping days and doesn’t typically see whether or not the practices are put in play. Occasionally Vince does appear at Gorilla Position, as well.

Although it explains that Vince is behind his desk a lot of the time, it’s a bit strange that he never thought wearing a mask or social distancing is essential to stop the spread of the virus. Did no one explain this to him even after the outbreak at the Performance Centre. Kudos to the Raw Star who took it upon themselves to point it out to protect themselves and others.