As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic leaving WWE with very few stars to work with, we have seen more of mid-card wrestlers that would not normally get as much TV time. In recent weeks one of those stars is Apollo Crews. He has been heavily featured on Monday Night Raw recently and even earned a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Crews has recently been removed from the upcoming ladder match due to an injury that occurred during a match with Andrade. It is predicted that this will nor prompt a heel turn from the former NXT star over the next few weeks.

There is no word on when WWE is planning on having Crews turn. However, with a very limited roster at the moment, you have to expect that the turn will be coming sooner rather than later. Could it even begin tonight with AJ Styles being involved in a gauntlet match to replace Crews in the pay per view event?

Crews is a fantastic athlete; however it can be argued that he has been a bit bland since making his way onto the main roster back in 2016. Perhaps a nasty heel turn and a few good promos will help management and fans see his true potential.