Back in 2019 WWE started on of the longest current storylines with relationship between Bobby Lashley and Lana.

In the story Rusev gets a divorce from Lana because she is having and affair with Lashley, Lana and Lashley then get married then to top it off Lana starts another affair with Liv Morgan. Weird right?

Well it now looks like Lana and Lashley are about to get a divorce too. It is being speculated that WWE writers are going to drop the story line. It is all getting even weirder within the relationship at the moment as Lashely is blindly doing whatever Lana tells him to do no mater what the outcome may be. Do writers feel they have gone too far with the story and made the relationship an abusive one?

 According to Marc Middleton of Wrestling Inc, write Marc Middleton wrote that the current speculation is that instead of keeping the couple together, WWE have made the decision to bin the storyline.

 As mentioned, this storyline is all a bit bizarre, parts of it have been introduced and dropped a number of times already. Would it be surprising if the relationship ends abruptly and forgotten about completely?

The question then would be what becomes of Lana? As reported last week her real-life husband Rusev was cut from the WWE roster. What kind of storylines would they have Lana involved in if any?