There has another update on why WWE decided to have Paul Heyman unveiled as the manager of Roman Reigns on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

We have not seen Heyman on our screens since back at WrestleMania as Brock Lesnar was stuck in Canada during the Coronavirus pandemic. Heyman was also removed from his role as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw in order to ‘streamline’ the creative process.

Dave Meltzer gave an insight as to why Heyman has retuned to our screens on his Wrestling Observer Radio. He stated that WWE felt it had to do something with Heyman as he has a lucrative contract and had not been doing anything lately. Here is what he had to say:

“His performer’s contract, he wasn’t doing anything at all ever since Lesnar left and that’s been months now and he’s making a lot of money so I think that you want to justify that by having him work and being with Reigns, he’s being paid like a top guy so he should be in a top program and it’s not gonna get any bigger than Reigns. Reigns is going to be the biggest heel in the promotion.”

It has been rumoured that Roman Reigns is expected to win the Universal Championship tonight at PayBack and become a massive heel in the SmackDown roster.

However, on the other hand, it has been speculated that WWE realises that The Big Dog will get a positive reaction when fans come back to shows. The eventual plan seems to be that Vince McMahon and his management team wants Roman Reigns as the face of the company with him becoming a John Cena like face character.