At NXT Takeover: In Your House which aired on Sunday, Charlotte Flair lost Her NXT Women’s Championship in a Triple Threat Match. The big talking point about the title change is that she was not the person to drop the fall, Io Shirai hit Rhea Ripley with a Moonsault and pinned while she was trapped in Charlotte’s Figure Eight Leg Lock.

Triple H, speaking to the media, revealed why Flair did not get pinned. During the Takeover Media Call he stated that these decisions are always part of WWE’s long-term plan. Here is the full quote, thanks to Fightful:

“For me, it’s part of the long-term storytelling. Things can happen over the next two-four months that change the direction, but the intent is knowing where we’re going, how we want to get there, and the storytelling to get there. That finish was done the way it was done for a very specific reason.

Some people will read into it by going, ‘Oh, Charlotte can’t even get beat.’ The whole rhetoric of Charlotte Flair, her dad, and her name is garbage. She works as hard as anybody I’ve ever seen. She’s a great performer and deserves everything she’s ever gotten and has. Hopefully, if we get to tell the story we want to over the coming months, three or four months from now you’ll go, ‘I know exactly why they did the finish they did.’”

Fans will remain to sceptical since in recent years, WWE have not been known for their long-term planning. Where will Charlotte go after this? We are not sure if we will see her finish her feud with Rhea Ripley on NXT. In the episode of Monday night raw 24 hrs after Takeover was aired, we seen Charlotte start a new feud with both Asuka and Bayley.