We recently learned that The Revivals have been released from WWE creating a lot of speculation of where they will go next.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson have been granted their wish after have been rumoured to be eyeing a WWE exit for over a year now. The duo having previously angled for away out of WWE allegedly first asked for their release while still dressed in their wrestling gear during the January 13th 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw. Their unhappiness has been evident since their main roster call up in 2017 after dominating the tag team division in NXT.

Details have just been released on their contract with Ryan Satin confirming on Twitter that they are free to work wherever they like.

This could maybe what sparked the delete of an old tweet by the tag team duo telling us in 2018 that they wanted to fight the young bucks.

Is the delete of the tweet to put us of the scent of them moving to AEW and finally giving us the dream clash against the young bucks? Or is it because they are pledging allegiance to another promotion?