Eric Bischoff got a very surprising role in WWE a few months back with Vince McMahon bringing the former WCW head back to the company. Many seen this as a PR stunt as both Bischoff and Heyman were given major roles within the company with dwindling TV ratings.

The cynics will say the WWE tried to cash in on the cache that both men have within the wrestling community. However, it appears as if Bischoff has actually had a hand in creative since returning as lead writer of Smackdown.

What Culture report the former WCW President has got heat backstage after the Roman Reigns angle has fallen flat. Everybody thought this was heading for a Roman vs Bryan match but suddenly we get Rowan vs Roman – a match I don’t think anybody wants to see.

The angle was doomed at the start. Trying to get revenge on someone who has tried to kill you twice by superman punching them in the ring is pretty stupid – even by WWE standards.