On next week’s episode of Monday night Raw we will see a ‘retirement ceremony’ on the USA Network.

WWE took to Twitter to announce that the Legendary Rey Mysterio will allegedly be hanging up his boots. The reason we say this is alleged is that it looks to be just an angle. The host of the segment has been announced as Seth Rollins.

Mysterio has not been seen live on TV since his eye was injured in a storyline where Rollins rammed his face into the ring steps. Mysterio was also unmasked a couple of weeks ago.

Rollins tried to make Humberto Carrillo suffer the same fate last night following a tag match between Carillo & Aleister Black and Austin Theory and Murphy.

Rollins threatened to injure Carrillo’s eye like he did Mysterio’s if Black did not retreat, playing out a hostage situation. As well as hosting the ceremony for Mysterio, Rollins will also have a singles match on June 1st with Aleister Black