Rousey clearly has some discomfort as to how she was treated by the WWE fans. During her interview with Jackass star Steve-O she ripped into the WWE universe saying she didn’t want to spend time on ‘F***ing ungrateful fans’

Pro Wrestling Sheet quoted her as saying:

“So it’s just like … what am I doing it for if I’m not being able to spend my time and energy on my family, but instead spending my time and my energy on a bunch of f*cking ungrateful fans that don’t even appreciate me? I love performing, I love the girls, I love being out there … but, at the end of the day, I was just like, ‘F*ck these fans, dude.’”

Pro Wrestling Sheet

Rousey also added that if she doesn’t in-fact return to WWE it will only be on a part time basis. She did say that she enjoyed performing, loved the other wrestlers but hated to travel.

We have not seen Ronda since Becky Lynch won her belt back at WrestleMania 35. She is however contracted to WWE until April 10 2021! Maybe after the Covid situation we might see her do another run.